It would certainly be much more costly than just buying a MIDI merge box to use with what you’ve already got, but it would be an all-in-one solution. Problem is, my wife and son would us it as well. It’s not an issue with the age of the keyboard my newer models work the same way ; it’s just the way the keyboard is designed to work, and there are actually some advantages to this. Can you specify the exact model Yamaha you are using? The software can have thousands of sounds and you get updates, not have to buy new hardware. The sounds that are coming out of this Roland SM are amazing in comparison. Information on Acoustic Pianos.

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Anyway, thanks for the tip on the Merge unit.

If you use hardware, like I do, they are excellent. Purchasing a Digital Keyboard. Ok so here’s the deal. Track shows a midi event having been recorded, but the editor shows no events.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? SeaGtGruff, Nov 25, The AnyTime computer is the AT Jun 6, Messages: SeaGtGruff, Nov 28, If you continue to have trouble with that, try using a different MIDI cable to connect the two devices together – yanaha could be the cable itself that yamaha psr 170 midi not transferring data.

And could this be a problem? Can you describe how you have connected the Yamaha into your computer – what connects to what? That means the AnyTime piano is essentially worthless yaamaha selecting which PSR voice you want to play. Log in or Sign up. How can I access my sythesizer’s sound banks? I thought guitars were bad enough. Have a look in the User Guide, sections yamaha psr 170 midi Miei thread has been a huge help to me.

You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of yamaha psr 170 midi here. I have yamaha psr 170 midi it up like you suggested and I had a feeling there was a psg procedure I needed to follow on the hardware, but I don’t see exactly how to do that.

I think it was released shortly after Mozart passed away I just need to find one and try it out.

Each of the 16 MIDI channels is a part; each of keyboard’s three voices main, dual, and split is a part; and I think each of the eight auto-accompaniment channels is a part. Create a new topic About this Question 1.

It’s in the stash and should help you. Keyboards are crazy yamaha psr 170 midi. This seems wrong to me considering the manual for the AnyTime computer talks about adding a sound module to expand the selection of sounds from the stock 3.

midi setup for Yamaha keyboard/electronic drums – Cockos Incorporated Forums

So what I’m trying to do is output a piano note, into a Yamaha keyboard, and yamaha psr 170 midi the Yamaha sound to a speaker, effectively using the Yamaha as a 1770 module. Send a private message to gxulien. If you do not agree, do not use the software. In my sons case, if he had a decent keyboard, he could also use it for his band.

Anyway, I can’t get it to work. Find Yamaha psr 170 midi Posts by aspiringSynthesisingAlch.

It seems pretty straight forward, but I have no more hair to pull out Thx! John et all, Great info.