I’m actually the guy in charge of these forums, as of a couple of weeks ago. And I feel especially bad for people that bought computers very recently that find out after the fact that they can’t run the high end eye candy in Vista. That’s why it shows up in the Vista beta drivers. I find it hard to believe these chipsets are not capable of support WDDM. Thank you for understanding!

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The fact is that it’s an older, less powerful chip that just doesn’t have what it takes to run Aero.

If you have a related story, please post! But in response to nitel Kalkman e-mail, read to a Intel representative, the company said, “We do intel 915 vista know who John Kalkman is.

I need Vista/Win 7 driver for intel graphics.

I’m disappointed to find my Laptop can’t run Vista with all features due to a poorly designed GFX chipset. Looks like it might be a itnel to Win7 thing then. Goldberg, then vice president of Windows product management, explained, “Some PCs that are windows vista capable will run aero and some will not. Works perfectly and close if not right on performance wise with xp with ram but win 7 needs 1 gig if you know what 95 mean?

That’s like making an analogy saying intel 915 vista my old 8 tracks yes I had 8 tracks and intel 915 vista remember 4 track intel 915 vista should now be able to play on my new HDTV DVD player.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Intel didn’t launch the notebook version of the chipset until Visyaand was apparently concerned that it would be unable to get enough systems into the market by the intel 915 vista ofthe at itnel time launch intel 915 vista for the Vista Ready program.

Read all the e-mails released by the court in this PDF. The change took place in Januaryand was formally rolled out by Poole, currently corporate vice president of Microsoft’s unlimited potential group, without the knowledge of Jim Allchin, the now-departed Microsoft executive who was supposed to be in intel 915 vista of Vista’s development.

We can’t magically go back in time to add those hardware features to intek chips, as much as we’d like to, to enable Vista Aero.


I want Windows Vista. If that doesn’t work, nothing will. I think that MS should do that, inttel, because they would sell many more copies.

A search brings me to this page: That driver was released back in the old days as an XPDM driver. Originally Posted by invilink Apple gets by with meg ram. The “” chipset which is not Aero capable is in a huge number of laptops and was tagged as “Vista Capable” intel 915 vista not Vista Premium.

Some will be fooled, but not many, and the ones intel 915 vista will be mad.

Sounds vain I know, but xp does everything I want it to do, thus the only reason I would pay for the upgrade is a better visual experience. Intel 915 vista trouble signing in?

Registry Tweaks Broadband Tools.

I know they are out there. I am an advanced home user that relies on my mobile platform unfortuneatly a as well as other desktop platforms I have built. From what an admin from intel 915 vista site told me Inte, has said that they will not support anything lower than the set.

intel 915 vista Broadband Forums General Discussions. Go to the device manager and click to expand the Intel 915 vista Adapters category.

So based on that yes would qualify. Wait about weeks when Vista goes Vistta. What changed between the beta and now? Forget the gadgets, it’s all about services and software.

A treasure trove of e-mails has been released as part of that intell, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Todd Bishop has spotlighted a number of e-mails that call into question whether Microsoft was acting, at least in part, on Intel’s behalf when it set the requirements for the Vista Capable marketing program.